Thursday, August 27, 2009


So, the other day I found out that I glow. I was having a bit of a glum day and I sat down with an acquaintance of mine. He noticed that I was a little less chipper than usual, so I just explained that I was feeling a little down. He told me that he is always excited to see me in town, because I am always glowing. I figured he was full of BS and was just trying to get in my pants. He lives in a town with about three women and they all share the same three teeth. I shrugged off the compliment gracefully and dismissed it. Two days later, another friend of mine told me that he couldn’t figure out how I was always able to glow. They used the same word: glow. So, I guess it wasn’t BS; I glow.

What does it look like to glow? I assumed it was a compliment, but was really unsure. I looked up the definition to find out what others are really seeing in me. I found a few definitions.

1. To shine brightly and steadily, especially without a flame.
2. To have a bright, warm, usually reddish color.
3. To be exuberant or radiant.
4. To shine intensely

The second definition makes me laugh, because I am definitely one of the most colorful people I know, both in appearance and personality. I have a warm, pink complexion, ridiculously red hair, and intensely bright blue eyes. I definitely fit that definition of glowing in my appearance. My attitude and personality also fit these definitions, especially the third one. I think glowing is an awesome description and I think I will keep it.
Sometimes I fizz out though. I need to work on that. Lately I feel like one of those 12 hour glow stick that are so brilliant and fun when you break them, but totally fizz out into nothing by the morning. At least I make it through the night; that’s what’s important.

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